Marjorie Sopkin
My latest works are in response to the situation with which so many of us are trying to cope. The impact that the prevailing administration is having on social, economic and environmental issues, both nationally and globally, is in the forefront of my consciousness and governing my presence in the studio.

Our collective psyche is assaulted daily with so many insults and lies that it has become difficult to maintain concentration. Diversions appear at every turn, circumventing our focus and marginalizing our ability to follow any one issue, usually the most crucial.  The act of painting has become a release for my anger and frustration.

Using color as a sort of symbolic reference to the daily onslaught of cover-ups provides an immediate catharsis. Color-coded paths travel across the canvas like the stories one must try to follow, and as more and more appear, the demands on our attention escalate. One story intersects with another and soon the diversions are so great that the original issues become lost and forgotten.

The Chaos of Any Given Day

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